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Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon was founded in 2011. The brand’s origins tie into one simple insight: most of us could use a helping hand when choosing a good bottle of wine. Martin, the founder, teamed up with Jean-Michel Deluc, a former Ritz sommelier, to create a monthly wine subscription service. Handpicked and selected in-house, each of the two wine bottles from Le Petit Ballon come with a quality guarantee. Subscribers can choose the wine’s colour to ensure the delivery suits their taste buds.
The art of wine tasting has traditionally been a pompous affair, reserved for the experts. Le Petit Ballon wished to break the the established rules by bringing an amusing, modern and unusual tone of voice. The brand’s motto “Le vin sans baratin” (“Wine without the bullshit”) defines the vision that makes wine more accessible and more attractive to the younger generations. The disruptive approach led us to create a brand identity in strong contrast with the industry standards, most of which play on premium codes. Through the playful illustrations, vivid colours and an easy-to-read lexical field, we turned wine into a subject that is “easy to understand and simple to talk about”.
Today Le Petit Ballon is the leading French wine subscription service with over 50,000 active subscribers. In 2017, the French e-commerce leader Vente-privé acquired a majority share in Le Petit Ballon.

Identity by Augustin Ohannessian, Loïc Cardon — Photos by Olivier Kraff, Valentin Naffetat
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Grape expectations

Customer loyalty is the founding principle of durable success for a subscriptions-based business model. A high retention rate and greater customer satisfaction depends on each delivery being a rich and customer-specific experience.
One of the initiatives to drive a memorable experience each month was the creation of The Gazette, a 24-pages magazine that is included with the wine box delivery and provides useful content like tasting notes, information about the featured winemakers, as well as various articles echoing the monthly topic. The visual language created for The Gazette reflected the brand’s DNA through a modern and positive look and feel. We regularly commission artists to illustrate covers and articles to bring an extra touch of modernity and a feeling of uniqueness to every issue.


A clear and pleasant online experience was fundamental to reflect the company’s core values and drive subscriptions. The model was fairly unique in France at the time of the launch and we had to double efforts to ensure the concept was understood by the consumer at the different stages of the online journey, from subscribing to buying a selected wine.
To ensure an engaging and complete logged-in experience, we focused on building a set of playful tools such as a colour palette that classifies wines according to their taste.

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