Brand identity

Fly Me to the Food

The objective of Fly Me to the Food is to offer a meal from a Michelin-starred chef to the airport travellers at the cost of a normal menu. Guillaume, the founder, realised that the airport or in-flight food was often uninspiring or inappropriately expensive. The story began when Jean-Christophe, chef of a notorious one-starred restaurant in Lyon, concocted the first recipes for Fly Me to the Food.
The identity needed to represent the high quality of the products that would be offered, but also the accessibility and affordability of the service. The red colour, chosen to express the passion behind Fly Me to the Food, is balanced by black and white to symbolise purity and simplicity.

Identity by Augustin Ohannessian, Loïc Cardon — Photos by Valentin Naffetat
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The counter

One of the challenges in an airport is to stand out from the big names while trying to establish trust with the travellers. For that matter, the counter needed to be carefully designed to attract customers that would usually prefer better-known places or to arouse their curiosity.

Culinary destinations

To keep a variety of choice at all time, the meals are updated every trimester and the customer can choose between a range of five “culinary destinations” (The European, The Made in France, The Asian, The American and The Oriental). We designed specific icons for each of the destinations, reflecting the company’s vision to offer a rich and clear experience to the travellers.


Fly Me to the Food’s online presence is essential as it offers pre-ordering. The customer can choose a meal and come pick it up at the counter before the departure of their plane. Therefore the user experience needed to be almost as quick and convenient as it is to buy a meal straight from the counter.

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